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Applitools & Kobiton: Revolutionizing App Testing

Applitools & Kobiton: Revolutionizing App Testing

The testing companies Applitools and Kobiton are collaborating in order to combine their strengths and bring better testing benefits to customers.

Kobiton, a provider of mobile testing tools, will integrate with Applitools’ test automation platform, Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform.

In this way, Applitools customers will now be able to access hundreds of real mobile devices and perform automated tests on them. Applitools believes this will help cut down on tool sprawl, because until now, its customers had to turn to their own devices or third-party cloud devices in order to test mobile applications.

This partnership has many advantages including the ability to make use of both companies’ AI technologies, continuous testing, flexibility and security.

Alex Berry, CEO of Applitools, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration between these tools, highlighting the provision of a comprehensive solution for customers to create, verify, and run tests across various technologies.

The combination of Kobiton’s proficiency in native mobile testing platform with Applitools’s Intelligent Testing Platform streamlines the process for developers and QA teams to thoroughly assess the performance and aesthetics of their applications across diverse devices and browsers. This guarantee of seamless digital interactions is essential for the prosperity of modern enterprises.

Sean Barry, CEO of Kobiton said this partnership reaffirms our dedication to empowering developers and QA teams to provide better mobile experiences with greater efficiency and speed.

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